We will be  holding weekly Living Grace meetings on Zoom! These meetings will be open to both Living Grace Groups; the one at Oasis Community Church in Scottsdale and the one at Revive Christian Fellowship in Chandler.

To join the meetings between 6pm – 8pm, simply click on the link below.

Below you will also find a link to the Mini Thrive Book from the Mental Health Grace Alliance. This book is a great resource with practical tools we can utilize as we walk together through this pandemic.

Practical, Christ-centered guidance for your personal mental health journey

Looking for Christ-centered mental health solutions?

The Grace Alliance cultivates healthy solutions for hearts and minds through simple, innovative biblical truths, scientific research, and practical tools.

16-week small group experience providing validating support, helpful biblical and clinical insights and various practical tools to empower personal well-being and greater hope for your personal mental health journey.

For more information about Grace Alliance click the button below .

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